Alfriston is a smaller community than West Bromwick but has the potential to grow into an even larger trade hub than its sister village to the west. It’s situated on Cropper’s Pass, which is a trade road that leads to Trader’s Way, the main road between Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate. Alfriston is a crafter’s society with many woodworkers, bakers, smiths and more. The town always as the smell of sweet apple pie baking and is the perfect lure for travelers and merchants on Cropper’s Pass.

Alfriston is also the sight of a grand yearly festival celebrating Highharvestide. Residents from miles around all come to Alfriston to partake in the merriment each year.

Richard de Chatillon, brother of the sheriff of West Bromwick, is the sheriff of Alfriston. Richard is a weaker man than his brother and always looks to Marcel for council on difficult matters. He’s a prejudice man particularly when the elves are concerned.