The Elves of Hemlock

Hemlock Forest is host to a few small clans of elves. Hemlock is a pretty big and they collectively lay claim to and police mostly all of it. There are three clans which are three families of elves. They’re rather primitive, similar to the Native Americans of the wild west. The elders of the three clans have an agreement with Lord Rinehart Brahms stating that no human will cross the borders into Hemlock. There is a border guard setup that patrols Cropper’s Pass to ensure that no one enters (they also serve as protection to those who use the trade road).

The three tribes are…

Hil-Gamir (Sigil of the Willow)
Narbeth Hil-Gamir is the clan elder. This clan resides farther north of the forest and is very peaceful but also wield of the greatest might. They’re proud and are the most powerful in magic.

Isionia (Sigil of the Seven Pointed Star)
Rennyn Isionia is the clan elder. This is centralized in the forest and is very druidic. They are considered prophets to the other tribes are are often consulted when the three tribes convene. Rennyn is very old and considered an extremely wise elf. They are pacifists and reply on the other two clans for protection.

Geffroen (Sigil of the Sparrow)
Horith Geffroen is the clan elder. This is the most militaristic of the tribes. They are nomadic and move their tribes around the forest frequently – at least once per year. They’re very aggressive about the trespassing agreement.

Each of the three clans are further broken down into smaller tribes of 10-20 elves that each have their own chieftains.

The Elves of Hemlock

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