It is late autumn in “The Year of the Sword”, 1365 by the Dalelands Reckoning

Kaspar and Sir Berinhard Klemens are old friends and have been together since they were boys. For decades they adventured across Faerun gaining a reputation, sometimes good and sometimes bad, throughout the land. They’re both in the twilight of their lives and have settled down in the small village of West Bromwick on the Sword Coast. For the past 20+ years, Kasper has taken on the responsibility of raising and apprenticing children who are in dire situations. Today those children have reached adulthood and have gone out on their own to find themselves… it is time to return home to give back to their community and to their father, Kaspar.

Kaspar and Sir Berinhard Klemens live at The Mote just north of Beacon Cliff in West Bromwick. The Mote is a manor home perched atop a small Earthmote that float above Shadow Cove. The Mote is also home to the players, Marcus, Sigurd, Viktor, Josephine and Aurelian. It’s been 10 years since most of them have seen The Mote and they’re eager to see their family and home.

A Chronicle of Six: Adventures on the Sword Coast

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