Goblin, Wizard, Troublemaker.


Skunkback. Everyone who has lived in these parts for long has seen or had a run-in with Skunkback. This slimy little bastard is universally hated amongst everyone that comes into contact with him. He’s a thief, a cheat and a troublemaker. The problem is, he somehow has a knack for magic. This little dirtball can give you the slip every. single. time. He’s learned all the right spells and has all the right magic items so that no one can catch him. No one knows where he lives… no one has ever seen any other goblins living around here… just him. He’ll popup one minutes, steal a pie, and the next he’s gone. Many shop owners report missing items from their shelves in the morning but no trace or evidence that anyone broke in. Everyone knows it’s Skunkback. There’s been a bounty of 10 gold coins to anyone who can bring him in standing for 18 years now and he’s still at large. Back when the bounty was announced there was a rash of dozens of people scouring the countryside turning over every single rock looking for him… at this point everyone has forgotten about the bounty, he’s just something you have to deal with living in these lands. One thing to note, he’s never actually hurt anyone or caused any dangerous trouble in the past. But every time something does happen, Skunkback is the first name to come up.

Skunkback appeared and told Kasper’s adopted children of the direction which the kidnappers were headed. The Sheriff of Alfriston claims that the almost mythical goblin has led them astray. The truth remains to be seen.