Sir Berinhard Klemens

Old friend and adventuring companion of Kaspar


Sir Berinhard Klemens has been Kasper’s adventuring companion since they were young boys. other friends and companions would die or move on but Kasper and Berinhard always stayed together. This is one of the reasons that Kasper’s kids all have such a strong bond – it has been instilled in them since they joined the family.

Berinhard is very well known. Stories are still sung of his adventures across the land. He was a great swordsman and an honorable knight. Those days are in the past now though as Most of the time you will find Berinhard sitting in his chair on the manor porch or at the Horns Underground – this favorite of the three pubs in West Bromwick.

One thing to note about Berinhard… he may be old… He may not move much anymore… but when he picks up a sword, he can fight like he was 20 years old again.


Sir Berinhard Klemens

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