Marcel de Chatillon

The Sheriff of West Bromwick


Marcel could quite possibly be the most powerful man in these lands even trumping the Lord himself. His guardsman and the border patrol are loyal to him even above the Lord’s rule. His station is the sheriff of West Bromwick. His duties are to keep the peace, protect the people and collect the taxes. Many believe him to be in the pocket of Andree LeMont which in turn puts the guardsmen in Andree’s pocket as well.

All this being said Marcel is not a stupid man and does work for the people to the best of his ability. He attempts to stay in the good graces of as much of the population as he can. He knows that you need the peoples support to keep his own power. His brother Richard on the other hand is not quite so intelligent and Marcel spends more time than he should keeping Richard under control.


Marcel de Chatillon

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