Lila de Chatillon

Daughter of Marcel

Lila is a beautiful, beautiful girl. No one in town could ever imagine that this young girl sprung from the loins of Marcel. She’s delightful and a pleasure to be around him. Even though her father is the sheriff of West Bromwick she doesn’t allow that to lead her to believe she is better than anyone else or entitled to anything she hasn’t earned. She’s an intelligent girl who learned to read at a young age. She loves to sit in the park in the afternoon and read novels about great knights and wizards slaying dragons.

Lila is coveted by just about every man in theses parts but not a single one of them has ever lived up to the expectations of her father Marcel. Marcel is extremely hard on her and anyone that she brings around, he has never approved of any of her suitors.

Though she doesn’t agree with every decision or act her father carries out, she loves him and she would never speak ill of him or allow anyone to speak ill of him.