Captain Renee Kale

Captain of the guard under Lord Brahms


Captain Kale is head of the guard for all of Lord Brahms’ lands. He has a contingent of 25 men under him and works closely with Lord Brahms and Sheriff de Chatillon. Lord Brahms has given him freedom to manage his guardsmen as he sees fit and to solve any issues regarding the usage of the guard on his own.

Typically, he deploys 3 men to both the north and south border guard towers who make regular patrols on Cropper’s Pass. A further 8 men are assigned to Lord Brahms’ keep for his person use, 5 are stationed in West Bromwick, 4 in Alfriston and the other 2 float wherever needed.

Captain Kale is a grizzled veteran of combat and rarely speaks except to his men. He works closely with Marcel, but you wouldn’t say they’re friends exactly. Their relationship doesn’t seem to go beyond business. Captain Kale has no family and for all you know, no friends at all. He never seems happy or content. He’s all business.