A Chronicle of Six: Adventures on the Sword Coast

Session #1: Highharvestide

The Reunion at Highharvestide in Alfriston
Kasper, Berinhard, Sigurd and Viktor arrive to meet Josephine, Silvia, Aurelian, Luther and Ako. Luther did’t show. The family shares a meal and swaps stories of their years apart.

Marcus Colborn competes in the hammer throw
Unfortunately Marcus didn’t manage to win the competition. The winner was awarded 3 pigs.

Sigurd’s proposal to Lord Rinehart Brahms
Sigurd speaks to Rinehart explaining his intent to raise a temple of Tempus within his lands. Rinehart is receptive to the idea and tells Sigurd he will send a guardsman with a message detailing a time and place to meet to discuss further.

Aurelian Kol’nari and Josephine Looks for Luther at The Fuzzy Quarterstaff
Luther is absent and Aurelian goes looking for him. They would regularly drink at the Fuzzy Quarterstaff but the bartender hasnt seen him. Aurelian picks a drunken farmer’s pocket while Josephine serenades the the crowd. The farmer tries to give his silver to Josephine, but it’s gone.

Marcus Colborn and Sigurd visit Armon Weldhammer at the blacksmith stand
Marcus bring Armon a tankard and he downs it in one gulp, pees and shakes Sigurd’s hand.

A Man is stabbed attempting to stop a kidnapping
A man cries out. Another man is standing over a woman who has fainted. Another stabs the girl’s father and the heroes spring into action.

Assassins emerge from the crowd in attempts to slay the heroes
One of the assassins uses a magic egg to summon a pair of rat men. Another jumps from the crowed and attempts to backstab Marcus but Armon calls out a warning. Viktor blasts one of the assassins with a Fire Bolt but it wasnt enough. Vikor takes a powerful shot and later is knocked unconscious.

The heroes deduce that the assassins are worshipers of Beshaba and are kidnapping women for blood sacrifice
Aurelian searches the bodies and discovers a tattoo on them that depicts the sigil of Beshaba. Rinehart, the de Chatillon brothers and the heroes question the crowd and the victims and search the surrounding area discovering that the assassins were attempting to kidnap women from around the festival with intent to sacrifice them. Sigurd loses his cool and beats the captive assassin to death. Richard de Chatillon is very agitated and acting erratically.

Skunkback tips off Sigurd to the direction that the assassins fled
Skunkback appears from the back room and tells Sigurd that he was men escaping into Hemlock Forest and then disappears into a chest.

The heroes venture to Cropper’s Pass to enter Hemlock Forest
The heroes make their way to Croppers pass with a writ of passage into Hemlock. Aurelian plans to escort them and speak to any hostile elves they encounter.

Border Guards have been murdered and assassins have taken their place.
The heroes meet the border guard and Aurelian notices that something is fishy. He sneaks into the woods but trips over a dead body of one of the border guards. They have been replaced by assassins.

Sigurd and Viktor Keenan fall!
The fight is deadly and Viktor falls unconscious for the second time today. Sigurd as well takes a hard hit and falls. Everyone is now safe and the group plans to rest before entering the forest. They are concerned that the wait is dangerous for the victims, but if they meet anymore assassins in the forest, they may not be able to handle them in their current condition.


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