A Chronicle of Six: Adventures on the Sword Coast

Session #2: Lady Doom

Aurelian Kol’nari scouts ahead discovering fallen Orcs
While Viktor and Sigurd heal their wounds Aurelian Kol’nari scouts ahead and discovers a band of 6 orcs, all slain by what he believes to be the Sparrow Elves. They had red warpaint covering half their faces.

The group encounters the Sparrow Elves
After their rest and recuperation the group gets back on the trail. After traveling for a better part of the day they are surprised by a group of Sparrow Elves who question them about their motives within Hemlock. Humans are not allowed within it’s borders and Aurelian Kol’nari attempts diplomacy with the chieftain for passage. He shows the chieftain the cultist’s tracks to prove his intent. The chieftain requires that they return to the camp and speak with the elder.

An audience with the Sparrow elder and a new companion
When they arrive at the sparrow camp, there’s a human paladin tied to a tree there. The group immediately recognizes him as Lucas, a friend from long ago. The sparrow have captured him and are going to punish him for trespassing. Aurelian Kol’nari discusses their reasons for bringing humans into Hemlock and the chieftain backs up his story. The elder agrees to let them pass but the chieftain who captured Lucas demands that he be punished. If Lucas can defeat him in single combat, he can go free. Lucas and the chieftain exchange bows and the elf falls bleeding out. Sigurd runs to aid the elf sparing him from death. The group gets back to the trail leading to the cultists location.

The adventurers learn about Lady Doom
Lucas tells the group all he knows about the cult of Besheba and their dealing in Hemlock. Apparently an assassin has grown a reputation of late and as stories become legend, many assassins now believe her to be the avatar of Besheba walking among mortals. She is taking advantage of this and in some cases may even believe it herself. She has located an old temple to Besheba within Hemlock that has long since been abandoned and is attempting to rise the cult again. She is collecting young virgins to sacrifice.

The allure of the Siren Pool
Before reaching the temple, Viktor senses something in the forest – something magical. They explore the area and discover a pool of glowing blue water. When they drink the water, it heals their wounds. Marcus Colborn notices something within the pool… it looks like a sword. Aurelian Kol’nari wades into the pool to retrieve it. The pool feels overwhemlingly wonderful to him and he doesnt want to get out. He enters a small cave and disappears. The others make attempts to go after him one by one being lured into the cave. Once inside it is very very difficult to leave. Only a great force of Will will allow them to leave. While inside Aurelian Kol’nari discovers some dead bodies… ones who could not conjure the will to leave… one of which has documentation and papers and a diary. This adventurer was looking for something valuable before he was captured by the pool. Aurelian Kol’nari takes it with him. Lucas and Aurelian Kol’nari are spellbound and refuse to leave. Only after Marcus Colborn and Josephine Alea Durothil Stormweather give inspiring words to them do they manage to break the charm and exit the pool.

After grasping the sword found in the pool, Marcus Colborn can tell it’s magical. He feels empowered just by holding it.

Scouting the Temple of Basheba
The group comes to a long stone wall of ruins with vines and trees growing up and over it. Aurelian Kol’nari scouts around the parameter and witnesses cultists dressed in back robes and white masks all collecting in an open courtyard. The group sneaks over the wall and into the ruined buildings that surround the courtyard. They witness the cultists bringing a nude woman out and placing her atop a stone alter… Lady Doom herself emerges from a temple building the crowd begins to chant.

Assaulting the Temple and the sacrifice
Aurelian Kol’nari fires an arrow striking Lady Doom’s shoulder! Viktor blast her with a flame bolt! The rest charge into the crowd and begin slashing through cultists. The crowd scatters screaming. The cultists at the alter complete the sacrifice stabbing the woman! Smoke and light burst from to body as she writhes in pain. Clerics begin casting sacred flames! Arrows fall from the towers! A hulking green demon bursts from the smoke on the alter and pounces on Sigurd. The group comes to his aid and surround the creature hacking and slashing. Lady Doom retreats with her lieutenant into the temple catacombs.

Pursuing Lady Doom into the temple catacombs.
The demon is slain and the adventurers pursue Lady Doom into the catacombs. Her body guards are there slowing the group down. lady Doom once again slips away down a corridor. As the adventures slay cultist body guards a scream echos down the stone halls. The group hurriedly follows the screams… 3 giant spiders have Lady Doom ensnared in their webs. The adventures are to late to deal out their justice to Lady Doom… it seems Besheba wanted her all to herself.


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